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Sustainable management is a possible practice. And we of the Group Rei do Milho Alimentos are part of this process!


The Company besides producing quality and competence have a focus that is part of its mission: sustainability.

The Group's policy and commitment control the impact of its industrial activities and services, taking into account the environmental and sustainability goals.

This behavior is set within the context of increasingly stringent legislation, the development of economic policies, measures to encourage the protection of the environment and a growing concern for managers and employees on environmental and sustainability issues.

This set of attitudes and group actions help to save natural resources, generate less waste and minimize its impact on the environment, and promote the generation of employment and income.

The Directors, senior management and the company's employees are engaged in the rational use of resources made available by the company, as well as in compliance with the management of waste and selective collection.

The Sustainability Project reverses all the financial resources obtained in benefits to the company's own employees and improvements in the workplace and conventional areas of the Group only uses reforestation wood, thus not compromising and not encouraging the logging of forests native.

Riparian areas to the Meia Ponte River are kept whole and native seedlings were planted to restore the forest. New seedlings are being acquired in partnership with the Municipal Government for insertion into new areas of riparian forest.

The raw material suppliers are monitored annually for the sustainability requirements, environmental protection and social responsibility, thus ensuring better quality of life for its employees, respecting the environment and the laws of the country.

Projects like the Organic Company, guarantee the production of vegetables, free from pesticides to employees, their families and society Inhumense in that part of the products grown in the garden are donated to nursing homes, schools and day care centers.

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