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Corn King Group Foods

It is a manufacturer specializing in production of derivates of the corn, which are hominy corn, corn grits, cornmeal, cornflour, creamcorn, semolina, fiber and popcorn

Corn King Group Foods

Acting in industrializing segments of raw food materials specifically derived of the corn and animal nutrition as well as in livestock , production of brood cattle breeding and fattening , fuel sales , construction and road transport , the last one is intended to supply its plant and transport of finished products to its customers throughout the national territory and the Brazilian ports of products destinate to export.

The Group has a strong and active logistics , reaching throughout the country through its own fleet and / or hiring of third party services , but managing all contracts, thus ensuring the compliance with the terms and conditions contracted with our customers , for that purpose , the Need Transport LTDA was established and incorporated into the group.

Grupo Rei do Milho Alimentos has its own industrial park headquarters of food and total area of 140,000 m2 , with 12,000 m2 of built area and infrastructure to improve quality and efficiency of each customer's needs . The Group in recent years has been modernizing its production line with the very latest in milling market. The company began operations in 1999 in the city of Inhumas , Goiás in the center west of BRAZIL . In these years of history, the group have had significant levels of growth , winning each significant day numbers that make the company's success both nationally and internationally

O Grupo Rei do Milho Alimentos has a relentless pursuit of improving the quality of their products, so it has physical / chemical laboratory with which most modern tracking and has highly trained professionals, higher academic training appropriate to the activity, thus ensuring accuracy in the analysis and quality assurance. So the industrialization of raw material (corn in natura) has strict controls receiving as many contaminants and especially as the toxins, genetic and allergenic changes. The industry processes only previously analyzed and approved products by the Quality Control and transgenic disclaimer of warranty (as the law). Concern over non-transgenic corn industrialization is unfolded through controls and analysis on all raw material receipts (corn fresh) before the effective entry into the industrial processes of the company, thus ensuring non-genetically modified products for a variety of applications in Brazil and the world's food industries.

The Group has its duly approved industrial plant joins ANVISA - National Agency for Sanitary Surveillance, System Management as regulatory requirements NBR / ISO 9001 , GMP certification - Good Manufacturing Practices and is in advanced process deployment HACCP - Analysis dangers and Critical Control Points.

To produce with quality and competence and sustainability, food and supplies that meet customer needs.

To be a reference in the production of corn derivatives, aimed at increasing competitiveness and growth of our customers.

Innovate continuously its industrialization process to meet and exceed the expectations of every customer with high quality products. One of our goals to serve well to serve always.

Corn King Group Foods

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