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We prioritize the development of organic agriculture

Our results are directly connected with the quality of our products.

We prioritize the development of organic agriculture

The Group Rei do Milho Alimentos industrialized raw materials ( corn in natura ) with strict controls receiving as many contaminants and especially as the toxins , allergens and genetic changes. The industry processes only previously analyzed and approved products by the Quality Control and transgenic disclaimer of warranty (as the law).

Concern over non-transgenic corn industrialization is unfolded through controls and analysis on all receipts of raw materials (corn fresh ) before the effective entry into the industrial processes of the company, thus ensuring NONGMo products for a variety of applications in Brazil and the world's food industries.

Currently the Group Rei do Milho Alimentos conducts quantitative analysis for five protein , Cry1Ab , Roundup Ready , PAT / pat , Cry1F and VIP3A .

The company has as a partner in the follow-up analysis and quantitative control of genetically modified proteins and mycotoxins ENVIROLOGIX ( Riverside Industrial Parkway, 500 - Portland , ME 04103-1486 - / USA - ) .

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