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Brewer Grits - Raw materials intended for the beverage industry, base product for the production of beer.


Product originated from the healthy grain of corn (Zea mays), clean, degerminated, ground and classified.

Product Features

Brewer Grits - BeerMAX


Product Ambev


(*) Unfilmed corn, degerminated, crushed and sorted.


08 months counted from the date of manufacture, respecting conservation and storage conditions


Food exempted from registration requirement in compentente organ, DRC 278, September 22, 2005, whose code 4,300,151 and / or 4,200,038 of Annex I to which the product fits.

Process Description

Fresh corn Zea mays subjected to cleaning, dehusking, degermination, grinding, grading, filling, weighing, palletizing and storage.

Physical and Chemical Characteristics
Reviews Screens Specification
(Retention %)
Control frequency Method Concept Observations
Tamanho ABNT: 16,0 (1,18mm) Max. 3,0 (+/- 0,5) 100% of the lots.At the beginning, during and the end of production MET-002 L Particle size measured every 30 minutes. Initially, during the production process and the end of each batch.
ABNT: 25,0 (0,71 mm) Max. 30,0 (+/- 3,0)
ABNT: 30,0 (0,60mm) Max. 20,0 (+/- 2,0)
ABNT: 40,0 (0,42 mm) Max. 30,0 (+/- 3,0)
ABNT: 70,0 (0,21 mm) Max. 10,0 (+/- 1,0)
ABNT: 100,0 (0,15mm) Max. 1,0
FUNDO: Max. 1,0
Reviews Criteria for Acceptance Control frequency Method Concept Observations
Formato: Irregular granules (*) 100% of the lots *** L Visual assessment - Standard Sample
Humidity: Maximum: 13,0%   MET-003 L ***
Hp: 6,0 - 8,0 Beginning, during, end MET-001 S ***
Concept: L - Liberation / S - Statistics / N/A - Not aplicable
Organoleptic Characteristics
Reviews Specification Control frequency Method Concept Observations
Color Yellow to Orange 100% of the lots MET-007 L Visual assessment - Sample Standard
Odor Characteristic Corn L ***
Concept: L - Liberation / S - Statistics / N/A - Not aplicable
Fractioning and Packaging Features
Fractioning Pack Weight Pack Features Pack Specs
In the Bulk. N/A Product in the Bulk Not Applicable
Storage condition - Stacking up as weight
25 kg 40 kg 50 kg 1200 kg
Not Applicable Not Aplicable Not Applicable Not Applicable
Physical and Chemical Analysis, Microbiological and Microscopic
Results of Analysis

Escherichia coli /g

Bacillus Cereus presuntivo /g

Salmonella / 25g

Maximum 3 x 10²

Maximum 3 x 10³

Normative instruction IN 60 of December 23, 2019
Care storage

Keep away from sunlight at room temperature, free of toxic products or others that exhale odors, dust free, pests and other contamintes. Stock up on pallets in a cool dry place.

Labeling Description

Manufacturer, product name, net weight, date of manufacture, expiry date, batch number and turn.

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