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Corn Germ - Raw material destined to industry for the production of animal feed. By-product of maize for animal feed formulations.


By-product of maize for animal feed formulations.

Physical Chemistry Features
Description Pattern
ABNT: 10 (2,00mm) Max Retention. 10,0
Humidity Max. 12%
Crude Protein Min.10,0 %
Ethereal Extract Min. 9,0 %
Gross Fiber Max. 7,0 %
Mineral Material Max. 4,0 %
Acidity (ml sol. 1N de NaOH/100g) Max. 3,5 %
Aflatoxins Max. 50 ppb
microbiological Features
Description Pattern
Bacillus cereus Max. 1 x 103 UFC/g
Fecal Coliforms Absence at 1g
Salmonelas Absence at 25g
Physical and Chemical Analysis, Microbiological and Microscopic
Results of Analysis

Coliforms at 45º C NMP/g

Salmonella sp /25g

Bacillus cereus UFC/g

Maximum 5 x 10²


Maximum 5 x 10³
CONCLUSION: The sample meets the specifications of Resolution RDC No. 12 of 01.02.01, item 10.1 of ANVISA.
Sensory Characteristics

Aspect: irregular grains
Flavor / Odor: characteristic of the corn
Color: Yellow


The product is packed in bags containing 40 kg raffia type, in big bags or in bulk.


08 months counted from the date of manufacture, respecting conservation and storage conditions

Care with storage

Keep away from sunlight at room temperature, free of toxic products or others that exhale odors, dust free, pests and other contamintes. Stock up on pallets in a cool dry place.

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